International Charter Competency Course (Surf Room)
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International Charter Competency Course

Did you know you need a license to charter a boat in Croatia, Italy, Greece, and many other places in Europe?

If you don't have an International Charter Competency (ICC) certificate - or its equivalent - you are required to hire a professional Captain. Caribbean charter companies will likely also eventually follow suit.

RYC will be sponsoring an ICC assessment course given by Mark Thompson, a Royal Yacht Club certified Instructor from Friday, June 7 to Monday, June 10. This is a ONE-day assessment and we now have add'l room for a few more Members on some of those dates.

You can complete the course in one day - either Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday - and it is limited to 4 students per day. There is some pre-course study material, then a written/verbal exam followed by on-the-water practical skill training and practice. You will learn how to properly dock a charter boat, how to "Med Moor", practice proper anchoring and mooring techniques, learn how to maneuver under both sail and power, what to check on a charter boat, and various other charter skills.

The cost is $ 295 - regular price is $450. The certificate is good for 5 years and can be easily renewed - and it will save you the cost of hiring a Captain if you charter in Europe.

For further info or to sign up, contact Al Rothschild (ICC certificate holder) via email:

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International Charter Competency Course (Surf Room)
Monday, June 10, 2019
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