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2018 Haul Out - Important Information and Documentation
Sunday, May 26, 2019

RYC Haul Out Saturday October 27, 2018

Haulout is right around the corner - Saturday, October 27. 2018. If you are interested in storing your boats, trailers, inflatables or masts in the yard, and have not already done so, please complete the Winter Storage Application and Winter Storage Agreement and return them, along with proof of insurance, to Winter Storage Chair PC Ann Myer ASAP.  Space is limited and may be restricted based upon the weight and draft of your boat.

Fees are as Follows: Boats on Jack Stands $21.00/ft
Trailers and Boats on Trailers $16.00/FT
Masts (that the boat is not stored in the yard) $100.00 per mast

There is still some room left in the yard for boats. You need to contact PC Ann Myer ASAP to make arrangements.

Haul Out Details
This year Haulout is on Saturday October 27, 2018. Those involved will meet in the yard at 7:30am to prep the yard, finish moving trailered boats out. Those who have their boats on Jack Stands will need to locate their stands and put them in the general area that your boat will be placed. At 8:30am we will have our mandatory Safety Meeting. Those involved with Haulout will be assigned a job and they are expected to stay until all boats are secure. Those members with trailers are expected to have their trailer ready to pull, tires inflated, hitch greased and easy to attach, also be sure your name and the name of your boat is on the trailer. We will be pulling trailered boats out of the yard on Friday afternoon (10/26/18), all trailered boats have to be out of the yard by 7:30am on Saturday. We have a team that will pull the boats out, but if you would like to come and help attach and detach call or text Ann Myer so she knows you are coming. If you want to move your own boat please do so by noon on Friday.

Haulout and Launch are really wonderful days at RYC, it is like the old times when we would meet in the yard or in the house, have breakfast then start the work party that was called for that day. We have been doing this for a very long time and to watch this process you will be in awe. If you are not directly involved with Haulout and don't have a boat in the yard but would like to help out please call Ann Myer and she will assign you a task. We could always use "owner helpers" someone to go out to the boat with the boat owner to help bring the boat to the bulkhead. Please do call first though. We have this process down to a science and a crowd standing around in the yard is not good.

Although this is a sad day when we haul our boats out for the season, it is a wonderful day to see RYC all working together. I look forward to seeing all involved.

To contact PC Ann Myer, you can call or text her at 908 285-6670. email:

With respects,
PC Ann Myer
Winter Storage Chair 

Click here to view the Letter for all Members Using Winter Storage
Click here to view the Winter Storage Application
Click here to view the Winter Storage Agreement

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